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Nursery Rhymes

Welcome to Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose !

One of the largest and most comprehensive collection of
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Nursery Rhymes are customary nursery rhymes songs or nursery rhymes poems taught to kids, initially in the nursery school. Learning such poetry assists in the expansion of language, and more than a few examples deal with basic counting skills. In addition, precise events, motions, or dances are frequently linked with specific songs. Many cultures include children's songs and verses that are passed along by spoken custom from one age group to the next.

In the English speech, the term "nursery rhyme" usually refers to those of European derivation, and the best recognized examples are English and originated in or since the 17th century. A number of nursery rhymes, though, are considerably older. Possibly the most well-known compilation of nursery school rhymes is that of Mother Goose. The nursery rhyme "Ring a Ring O'Roses" is commonly supposed to be a figurative allusion to the Great Plague of London, though this has been extensively discredited, mainly as none of the symptoms described by the verse even slightly associate to those of the bubonic plague, and the primary record of the rhyme's continuation was not until 1881.

Scholars seldom believe they have "all" nursery rhymes written down, or understand the previous occasion that a poem was in use. Though, as nursery school rhymes are mostly an spoken custom, nursery school rhyme can surface anew. There are a number of native peoples which believe melody revered, so that only senior men may sing songs, and the songs are taught during holy rituals in maturity. It is prohibited for women or children to sing. Therefore, these cultures do not contain these kinds of songs.